About Us.

Humans are social creatures. We are wired for connection, hugs, sharing meals, and sharing waves — we perform our best when we collaborate with each other face-to-face, even if our eyes are closed, or our bodies are twisted up in tree-pose.

At The Drawout we feel that conscious and positive shifts in our perspectives, habits and rituals are most potent when we are having fun along the way. Through our retreats, we facilitate light and approachable introductions to a collection of holistic modalities to help us do just that. These modalities include yoga, breathwork, meditation, outdoor adventure, and workshops designed to help us ease up and chill out, and enjoy life to the fullest.

All offerings are aimed to empower guests to build the bridges of connection back to finding their unique space of peace - back to their true self.

In the name of feelin’ good… welcome to The Drawout!

Lauren, Bridget, Taylor.


Lauren’s connection to breath started in the ocean. Discovering the powerful psychotherapeutic connection between ourselves and the planet, she first became aware of this interconnectedness while becoming a Padi Dive Master and AIDA3 Advanced Freediver. She is also an accredited Meditation Teacher, End-Of-Life Doula with the End-Of-Life Doula Association of Canada, and student of Numa Breathwork Facilitation. Through her Dad’s 5 year battle with brain cancer and transition into death, Lauren learned that we all have the ability to tap into our Peace and Power with our bodies natural pharmacy. She founded The Drawout to help others tap into it too.


Bridget has always based her decisions on feel and intuition. As a sales rep for Vans Shoes, part owner of The Shoreline Hotel in Tofino, and multifaceted yoga teacher, she has been mastering the art of integration of career with passion her whole life. Through a range of modalities, increased self-awareness, and seriously transcendent playlists, Bridget is in the work of holding space (and helping you find it for yourself) to allow your creativity to flow into your life’s purpose – aligning and inspiring you to live your full potential. 


Taylor is a professional snowboarder, adventurer, and leader in sport and exploration – not to mention our head chef and food alchemist. Her mission is to inspire others through action by living life to the fullest, where limitless potential resides. A trailblazer out in the world and a wizard in the kitchen, Taylor calls the mountains and oceans of the earth home as she continues to venture to new places each day. Through her journeys and endeavours she has acquired a deep understanding of food based medicine and as a result has established a healing relationship between our bodies and food that inspires expansion and shifts perspectives.