What the Heck is Reiki Healing

What You Need to Know About Reiki Healing

Energy: at an atomic level, we’re made of it. We’re surrounded by it. Our thoughts, our actions, and our bodies all carry energy. So, it should come as no surprise that energy can also be used for healing; for promoting wellbeing and peace through Reiki Healing.


What is Reiki Healing?


The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word Rei meaning universal, and ki meaning life energy. The practice originated in Japan in the late 1800’s, and is quickly making its way into Western culture as a way of reducing stress, inspiring relaxation, and healing the mind, body, and spirit.


Reiki is energy healing. It’s non-invasive energy medicine administered through the palms of the healer, be that may through touch or not. It works with the body’s energy fields, focusing on heightening the ~life force energy~ that flows through us all. It’s believed that when our energy is low, we become sick and distressed. However, when it’s high we radiate, we vibe at high frequencies, and we feel at peace. 


Basically, energy stays in our bodies where there is pain or distress–whether that pain is emotional or physical–and those blocks cause illness. Reiki helps the energy flow through those trouble areas once again. It’s said to have many benefits, including speeding healing and diminishing the symptoms of chronic pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue, cancer, and tons of other conditions.


What is a typical session like?


A Reiki Healing session can be described as very soothing and peaceful. Sessions typically vary according to practitioner, however in most sessions the patient gets comfortable in a quiet room, either lying down on a table or sitting in a comfy chair. Clothes are left on while the healer lightly places their hands on or above certain areas of the patient’s body for 2-5 minutes, until they feel that all their good energy has transferred into the patient. Crystals are sometimes used to promote positive energy, but usually only when healing is done from a distance of several kilometres. After a Reiki session, people generally leave feeling all the good vibes; refreshed and calm. While Reiki Healing is offered in some major hospitals, it is most often practiced through private practitioners.


Is there any scientific backing to Reiki?


There isn’t any scientific backing to prove the veracity of Reiki, so many discredit it. However, it has been growing in popularity in recent years as many people are beginning to tune into their spiritual energy. While some say that the positive effects one experiences after a Reiki session is due to the placebo effect, those more in tune with their energy say that the healing is the real deal. This being said, it should be used alongside modern medicine, not in total replacement of it! 


How does one learn how to Reiki Heal?


Reiki Healing is different from most practices because it isn’t something you can go to school or train for. The techniques of Reiki are actually transferred from the healer to the learner during a class, called an attunement. The attunement may be preceded by meditation, fasting, or long amounts of time spent in nature. It’s also worth mentioning that there are three different levels of mastery, and third and final level is that in which one can heal from long distances, not just by touch!


Is it connected to a religion?


Nope, Reiki isn’t connected to any specific religions, however it’s definitely spiritual. This being said, for those who practice Reiki, it is important to also practice living in harmony with the rest of the Earth.


Energy is fascinating. It’s mysterious. And it’s freaking powerful when we learn how to harness it.