Working-Out Your Intuition

Strengthening Your Intuition

pt.1: the basics

Your truth. Your gut. Your heart. Call your intuition what you may, but it’s the foundation of your story. It’s the intention behind your actions, the inspiration behind your decisions, and the compass that guides you through life.

The more in tune with your intuition you are, the more aligned you’ll feel. But recognizing the signs that point to your truth can sometimes be difficult. Though at times your intuition may yell, at others it merely whispers.

Signs Your Intuition is Speaking

Your intuition is always guiding you, pushing you towards your purpose. In order to strengthen your intuition, you must tune into how your body responds to situations. Notice your reactions and your feelings–even the ones you may be suppressing.

When you’re living in opposition to your intuition, you’ll feel stressed and heavy hearted. Your body will tense, and your gut will cry out. Rather than feeling like things are falling into place, circumstances will feel forced. 

However, following your intuition will give you the sense that you’re flowing through life. Your body will feel loose and free; your heart will feel light. You’ll feel like you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, accepting your circumstances and surrendering to life.


Thankfully, like working out a muscle, you can strengthen your intuition too.


One of the most important requirements for tuning into your intuition is silence. Your instincts speak loudest when you slow down and take time to be with yourself. Meditation helps facilitate this, and brings about the opportunities for introspection needed to assess the depths of your desires. Spending time in nature also has the same effect.

When we’re constantly rushing around, jumping from place to place, it becomes hard to look within and determine if the path we’re on is serving us. But when we press pause, we allow our feelings to surface. When we meditate and ask questions, we discover the reasons behind how we feel. Ultimately, time in silence allows us to tune into ourselves, our bodies, our dreams, and ultimately our truth.


Another crucial kind of silence comes in the form of disconnection; creating space between ourselves and the opinions of others. In today’s age of social media, it’s hard to have a firm grasp on who we are because of the constant stream of opinions we’re exposed to. Often times, that continuous exposition shows us what we’re mission out on and glorifies what we could be, without giving us the chance to look within. We need to carve out time to disconnect and step away from the opinions of others, in order to step into those of our own.


Journaling feelings, thoughts, and experiences also sheds light onto our intuition. It allows us to make connections between our actions, and how those actions make us feel, helping us decipher which situations make us feel aligned, and which make us feel askew. Journaling is a way of asking ourselves the internal why’s that need to be addressed in order to dig into our truth, ultimately strengthening our sense of intuition

At the end of the day, your heart knows–and the more you practice tuning in to your intuition, the louder it will speak. So quiet your mind, listen to your body, and follow that little voice to exactly where you’re meant to be.